Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Son Max Is Working With Autistic Children And Spending Time On A Horse Ranch

Lindsay Cronin

Lisa Vanderpump offered an update on her adopted son, Max Vanderpump-Todd, on Twitter earlier this week.

Vanderpump recently shared a message with fans that expressed sadness over the recent and unexpected deaths of John Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, and Lisa Marie Presley's 27-year-old son Benjamin. Shortly thereafter, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member was met with a fan who hoped her adult son would soon return to Los Angeles.

"Hope Max comes home soon," the fan wrote.

In response, Lisa, who is currently starring on Vanderpump Rules, told the Twitter follower that her son has been spending his time working with autistic children and enjoying a horse ranch. Meanwhile, she and his adopted father, Ken Todd, remain in Los Angeles after the recent shutdown of their Beverly Hills hot spot, Villa Blanca.

"Max is working with autistic children and spending some time in the last few days on a horse ranch. Being kind and productive, proud of him. Miss him," Lisa replied on July 13.

As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules well know, Max has been known to appear on the Bravo reality shows from time to time. However, in recent years, he seems to have stepped away from the drama of the hit shows as his mother has also refocused her attention on her spinoff series following her exit from the Real Housewives franchise in June of last year.

During one particular season of Vanderpump Rules years ago, Max was briefly linked to transgender reality star Billie Lee, who suggested that the two of them had hooked up with one another, unbeknownst to Lisa and the rest of the cast.

Earlier this year, when she and her family, including Ken, their daughter Pandora Sabo, and Pandora's husband Jason Sabo, announced the launch of their new beverages, Vanderpump Sonoma Coast Estate Chardonnay and Vanderpump Sonoma County Cabernet, on Instagram with a family photo, a number of Lisa's followers commented on the post by asking why Max wasn't included.

"Family photo isn't complete without Max," one commenter wrote, according to a report previously shared by The Inquisitr.

"Where is Max?" asked another.

In response to the inquiries, Lisa told her curious online audience members that Max was living in Idaho, where he was working with "special needs" children and "staying safe" amid the coronavirus pandemic.