Pamela Anderson Shows Off Beautiful Body In White Barely There Swimsuit

Pamela Anderson showed off her beautiful body in a white, barely there swimsuit in a new black-and-white Instagram share. In the caption of the pic, the actress and former Playboy Playmate told her 1 million followers "what you see is what you get," and they showed appreciation by liking the snap over 26,200 times and counting.

In the sultry image, Pamela was seen leaning over what appeared to be a glass partition. The clear wall allowed the lovely vista beyond the actress to be seen through it.

Pamela posed in a high-cut thong swimsuit for the share. While it is difficult to see the front of the suit, the side view shows off her famous assets. The cut of the top portion of the suit is severe, exposing the sides of Pamela's breasts. The front appeared to cover her stomach and featured a style detail of thin straps that held up the suit's top and crisscrossed in the back. The bottom of the suit began at the small of the actress's waist and thinned out into a thong bottom.

Pamela looked over her right shoulder toward the camera in the share. She did not have a smile on her face and her lips were parted. Pamela's platinum blond hair was curled into a wild mane that fell loosely around her face and down her shoulders and back. She appeared to have on black eyeliner and dark lipstick, but due to the black-and-white nature of the photo, the color of the lip shade was unclear.

Pamela's legs were bare, and she sported thick-strapped high-heeled platform shoes.

The former Playboy Playmate posed in front of a vista that included a strange-looking tree that hovered out over the sparkling water in the background. Lush foliage was scattered underneath the twisted trunk of the tree and could be seen through the clear wall Pamela leaned on for support as she took the pic.

The actress's fans were stunned by the overall beauty of the photo. They shared their statements in the comments section of the share.

"Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful!" remarked one follower.

"You still have such a gorgeous body," stated a second fan.

"Ageless, timeless beauty. You are gorgeous Pamela, much love and light," said a third Instagram follower.

"Love it! But why always black and white? Colors would look even more fabulous!" remarked a fourth fan on Pamela's love of photographs with minimal color.