July 14, 2020
'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Pivarnick Asks 'Do I Look Like Kim' In Sultry Instagram Share

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick asked her Instagram followers if she looked like reality star Kim Kardashian after posting a throwback image where she attempted to channel her idol via her overall look. Angelina posted the dramatic beauty pic and posed the question, which prompted 16,776 likes and lots of responses from her 1 million followers.

From the day she first stepped foot into the Seaside Heights, New Jersey, home she would share as a cast member of Jersey Shore in 2009, Angelina boasted she was the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, New York. While her original look was more natural, through the years, Angelina had enhanced her beauty even further and now more closely resembles the infamous Kardashian sister than ever before.

In her latest share, the reality star looked away from the camera as she posed in front of what appeared to be a tufted champagne-colored headboard accented with rhinestone studs. The luxurious image provided just the right background for Angelina's look, which combined both light and dark tones via her hair and outfit.

In the photo, Angelina wore her hair in a style reminiscent of one of Kim Kardashian's most iconic looks: a half-up, half-down hair fashion. Pulled up into a top ponytail, Angelina wore extensions in her hair to make it appear fuller, longer, and more luxurious.

Her clothing was also reminiscent of a style Kim once wore: a silver, scoop-necked halter top. The garment fit tightly across the reality star's breasts. She paired that with oversized silver heart earrings that featured dangling accents that almost brushed her shoulders.

Angelina wore lots of heavy eye makeup in the photo, a fashion trend made famous by Kim and her sisters Kylie, Kourtney, and Khloe. She appeared to have on lots of black eyeliner, rimming both the top and bottom of her lids. Angelina wore long, false eyelashes to enhance her eyes as well as what appeared to be dark-colored eye shadow. Placed just under her eyebrow was a lighter shade of eye shadow. This appeared to have been used to enhance the area just underneath the arch of her eyebrows, which were also filled in to make them look more dramatic.

Fans responded to both the question and the image. Their opinions were mixed.

"Um heeeelllo you're beautiful but your not Kim boo," said one follower.

"You're beautiful and Kim is beautiful! But be yourself, stop comparing," stated a second fan.

"I love Kim Kardashian but no you look like Angelina," concluded a third follower.

"Too east coast to be Kim," said a fourth fan.