Alan Arkin Joins Jon Hamm In Basketball Drama

Alan Arkin is having quite the year. First the actor was nominated for his fourth Oscar for his supporting role in Argo, and now he’s taking on another promising project. Although he’s been steadily working as an actor for over fifty years in the industry, it seems like the roles are getting better and better. Arkin will be seen next against Mad Man’s Jon Hamm in Million Dollar Arm.

The novel, which was written by author/director Tom McCarthy, will be directed by Lars And The Real Girls’ Craig Gillespie. Million Dollar Arm is set to have Jon Hamm as its star. Hamm will be playing an innovative sports agent J.B. Bernstein, “Who sought new pitching talent in a pool of 40,000 cricket enthusiasts through the reality television show Million Dollar Arm.”

Arkin is said to have recently signed on to the project, which will shoot next month in Mumbai, and then head to Atlanta to finish production. The terrific character actor will be playing real life retired baseball scout. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of chemistry Arkin will find with Jon Hamm, as both are talented but happen to have very different acting techniques. While Arkin is quick-witted, and smart mouthed, Hamm has been enjoying success brooding on the set of Mad Men.

With a man who has acted for many decades, Arkin seems to have a good grip on what the art of acting means to him. Opening up to the Washington Post, Arkin said:

“Acting is nothing more than a metaphor for life, and a pretty transparent one at that. Theater is supposed to be an art form, but most of the time it’s just life up there.”

Currently you can get your Alan Arkin fix in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Recently, the actor wrapped up on another comedy, a boxing film called Grudge Match.