Gabby Allen Shows Off Her Flexibility By Doing Leg Hold In Skintight Catsuit

Gabby Allen amazed her admirers by demonstrating a difficult stretch in her latest Instagram update. The British fitness influencer's unique taste in workout wear also wowed many of her 1.1 million followers.

Gabby, 28, was photographed outside. She didn't share her location, but it looked like she was in a park. She stood in the middle of a dirt walkway lined with tall trees that created a dense, tunnel-like canopy over the path. The former Love Island star was posing in a small area that wasn't covered in shade. The spot of sunlight made the vibrant color of her outfit pop against the picture's dark green backdrop.

Gabby rocked an electric blue catsuit that featured a snakeskin-print pattern. The stretchy garment clung to her body, perfectly showcasing her toned physique. It was also sleeveless, so the model was showing off the well-defined muscles of her strong arms. The flashy one-piece boasted a low back and panels of sheer black mesh on the legs and sides. Gabby tagged the U.K. brand Burnt Soul as the designer of her athletic apparel.

The personal trainer was barefoot, and her toenails were painted blue. She wore her blond hair styled in French-braided pigtails. She appeared to have on a light amount of makeup that possibly included mascara and pink lipstick in a neutral shade.

Gabby flashed a big smile at the camera as she performed a leg hold stretch. Her left leg was extended up in the air so that her foot was well above her head. She was grasping the foot with her right hand and pulling the leg toward her chest.

Gabby made her pose more challenging by standing on the tiptoes of her right foot. The toes of her left foot were also pointed, and her legs almost made a perfectly straight vertical line. The athlete's fans were thoroughly impressed by her display of flexibility and balance, and her catsuit also got a lot of love.

"This picture is amazing! Great form, great outfit, fantastic," wrote one of Gabby's followers in the comments section of her post.

"Omg this girl is just amazing," another fan said.

"Now that is impressive wow," gushed a third admirer.

"You're like a little elastic band," read a fourth comment that also included a flame emoji.

Gabby made sure to credit Hettie Pearson for capturing the shot, and the professional photographer received plenty of praise for her skills behind the camera.

Gabby's Instagram followers also enjoy seeing her bendy body in motion. She left them particularly awestruck when she shared a video that showed her doing the splits with her feet on two different cars as one of the vehicles moved.