Jared Kushner’s ‘Stock’ In Donald Trump’s Inner Circle Is Declining, Report Says

Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, visits the Auschwitz concentration camp memorial.
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A Monday report from Business Insider claimed that Donald Trump is trying to cut Jared Kushner out of the loop by reaching out directly to Republican strategists in Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Raw Story reported.

According to the report, Kushner’s “stock” in Trump’s inner circle has taken a significant fall. Conversely, some Trump advisers reportedly believe that the president’s recent decision to circumvent Kushner is an example of his management style and not a reflection of his son-in-law’s supposedly diminishing influence.

Another report suggested that Trump’s allies are growing concerned with the direction of the president’s re-election campaign as Kushner takes charge. Nevertheless, a former presidential staffer alleged that Kushner is not likely going anywhere due to his ties to the family.

As reported by Salon, the president’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, previously said that Kushner was the most powerful person in the White House.

“It varied from time to time,” Bolton said when pressed by NBC News’ Martha Raddatz on the most powerful person in the White House. “The sustained answer to that question… is Jared Kushner.”

White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner listens as U.S. President Donald Trump holds a bi-lateral meeting with Saad Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon, in the Oval Office at the White House on July 25, 2017 in Washington, DC.
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Kushner has been seen as giving controversial advice to the president on numerous occasions. According to Newsweek, he allegedly pressured his father-in-law to fire former FBI Director James Comey. According to the publication, Kushner told Trump that Democrats and the FBI would support Comey’s firing.

Kushner’s involvement was allegedly investigated by former special counsel Robert Mueller. However, a White House attorney claimed that Kushner played “no meaningful role” in the president’s decision to remove Comey from his post.

During an April appearance on Fox & Friends, Kushner predicted that America’s economy would return to normal by July despite the coronavirus pandemic. Despite his prediction, the COVID-19 situation has escalated in recent weeks as the number of infected people continues to surge across the country. In addition, the unemployment rate in America remains at 11.1 percent despite Kushner’s claim at the time that an economic rebound was imminent.

Raw Story further noted that the news of Kushner’s purportedly dwindling influence comes amid frustration with the strategists of Trump’s reelection campaign.

“This news comes as Trump grows increasingly frustrated with his campaign strategists. He is reportedly so angry at campaign manager Brad Parscale — who helped organize the Tulsa rally debacle and has generated negative press for the campaign with his lavish personal spending — that he is going out of his way to do the opposite of whatever Parscale suggests,” the outlet wrote.