Victoria Villarroel Gets Soaking Wet In Red Bikini While Swimming

Victoria Villarroel on Instagram
Victoria Villarroel / Instagram

Victoria Villarroel thrilled her Instagram fans with shots of herself taking some time to heat things up while cooling off in a swimming pool.

Victoria, who is best known as Kylie Jenner’s assistant, posted a series of three photos this afternoon, and in them, she was enjoying a refreshing looking in-ground swimming pool that had blue tiles and clear blue water. In the first shot, her hair was wet and slicked back and held in a manner that wasn’t visible. She wore small gold hoop earrings and one short gold necklace and a longer one that featured a pendant that rested on her chest below the sparkling water.

Victoria wore a red bikini top that had small double straps going over either shoulder. She appeared to have little or no makeup on as she stared straight into the camera’s lens, holding one hand behind her head. On the sides of the pool were a pair of gray shorts, which the model had shown off in her Instagram stories.

In the second shot, Victoria had her eyes closed and her head leaned back. She held the camera above her, giving viewers a glimpse of her ample cleavage, which was partly under and on top of the pool’s water. The bottoms, however, were not visible in the shot. The third picture featured the shimmery water, which threw off a rainbow prism in areas where the sunlight refracted the tiny ripples.

The model let the pictures speak for themselves, and her followers responded positively to them. Nearly 70,000 Instagrammers hit the “like” button, and more than 280 took the time to leave a comment for her. Many of the replies featured the flame emoji, indicating that many people thought Victoria looked hot in the shoots.

“You are such a babe. I love you so much! You are totally perfect,” gushed one fan, who also left a red heart emoji along with red lips.

“Stunning! That skin, though. You’re a real-life mermaid. You are my inspiration,” a second follower declared.

“Did your license get suspended for driving all these guys crazy?” teased a third devotee.

“What’s the secret to your skin? Share your skincare routine. You have the most beautiful skin!!!” a fourth Instagrammer begged.

Victoria is no stranger to showing off her assets to her Instagram followers. She is an ambassador for Rihanna’s lingerie line Savage X Fenty, and she showed off her gorgeous curves and perfect skin in a cute rainbow-colored set from the brand yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported.