Naya Rivera’s Family & ‘Glee’ Friends Gather At Lake Piru To Mourn Her Death Together

Joshua BlanchardGetty Images

A poignant photo has emerged just hours after actress Naya Rivera was confirmed to have died after going missing last week. Several of Naya’s former Glee co-stars reportedly joined some of her family members in a heartbreaking moment along the shoreline of Lake Piru in California. This is the place where the actress had gone boating with her son Josey Hollis Dorsey and subsequently disappeared.

On Monday morning, authorities recovered a body from Lake Piru, and sources confirmed to TMZ that the body recovered was Naya’s.

Since then, a photo taken of a group of people standing near the water has emerged. According to TMZ, the group included some of Naya’s family members, as well as friends from her time starring on Glee. The snap was taken from a bit of a distance, seemingly allowing a bit of privacy as the mourners shared their heartbreak.

The Daily Mail shared several photos from the gathering and confirmed that Naya’s close friend and Glee co-star Heather Morris was one of the people there. It appeared that Amber Riley may have been a part of the group, and Glee fans thought they could make out some other prominent cast members among the mourners.

The touching image was also posted by a number of people on Twitter, in one instance by former senior NBCUniversal executive Mike Sington.

The photo showed 12 individuals standing on the sand, facing the water of Lake Piru. The picture showed the group from behind, and they all held hands with one another. As the picture made its way across social media, Glee fans mourned Naya’s death.

Some viewers noted that Naya’s body was recovered on the seventh anniversary of co-star Cory Monteith’s death. This was a chilling detail for many who still mourn the loss of Cory.

“They have been through so much. Praying for all of them and Naya’s family,” tweeted one person after seeing the heartbreaking image.

“This hurts my soul,” another person wrote.

Even some people across social media who were not Glee viewers found the photo to be quite touching.

“Never seen the show. But this is incredibly moving,” one commenter noted.

“Good lord this is sad. Poor Naya. I feel for everyone who knew and loved her,” someone else wrote.

There were a number of Glee fans who also expressed frustration or outrage over the picture being taken and shared. At the same time, many others seemed touched by the shot and were glad to see Naya’s co-stars gathering together in person as they coped with this devastating and shocking loss.