Charly Jordan Gets Sexy & Sudsy In The Bath For Triple Photo Update

Charly Jordan poses for a photo in Los Angeles.
Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

Charly Jordan celebrated a milestone on Instagram with a sexy set of three photos during bath time. The hot update was shared on her page over the weekend and captured the model in barely any clothing.

The first image in the series showed the model inside a bathtub, but she did not use a geotag that specifically indicated her location. The tub was positioned in front of a set of large windows that allowed plenty of sunlight to spill over her toned figure. A piece of a light fixture and stainless steel bath fixtures could also be seen in the image. Charly knelt in the tub and treated fans to a glimpse of her black bikini bottoms.

The social media star gazed into the camera with an alluring stare and strategically placed her hands over her chest to cover what was necessary to meet Instagram’s nudity guidelines. Charly’s skin-baring look still treated fans to a view of her cleavage, which was a few shades lighter than her tanned figure. Charly had white, soapy suds dripping from her chest to her taut tummy.

The second image in the set was similar but showed the model posed in profile. In that particular photo, Charly showed off her chiseled abs as a tease of her legs. Her bikini bottoms had thick straps that stretched over her hips and helped accentuate her tiny midsection and waist. The last image in the series captured the model with her head tilted back toward the ceiling.

Charly added a single gold bracelet to her wrist and wore a pair of dangly earrings as her only accessories. Her long, blond locks were worn soaking wet and tumbled over her back and shoulders. It looked like she was wearing a minor application of makeup that included defined brows, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and a nude lip.

Charly penned a lengthy caption to go along with her photo, thanking fans for hitting 3.3 million followers. She also asked her followers for advice on what kind of content to make since she hasn’t been able to travel due to COVID-19.

The upload has accrued over 427,000 likes and 1,600-plus comments from her adoring fans. Some Instagrammers raved over Charly’s bombshell body while countless others weighed in on what content they would like to see.

“Can relate to this, you’re doin great girl, keep being u x,” one follower commented alongside a single black heart emoji.

“You’re so beautiful inside and out,” a second Instagrammer chimed in.

“No girl enough. You’re not real,” one more added.