Disney World Guests Required To Wear Masks, Will Not Receive Ride Photos If They Refuse

Guests stop to take a selfie at Magic Kingdom Park
Matt Stroshane / Getty Images

Guests attending the Magic Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World will be required to wear protective face coverings if they are over the age 2-years-old. According to CNN, guests who do not comply with the rule will not be able to retrieve photos taken on rides.

Losing out on receiving ride photos is not a new policy at the parks. CNN spoke with the public relations director at Walt Disney World, who noted “that the company has an existing policy of suppressing photos if someone is doing something unsafe on the ride. Not wearing a mask would be consistent with that policy.”

On social media, many people remained unconvinced that the policy would encourage anti-mask wearers to change their minds suddenly. Many users also expressed their upset at the company for deciding to move forward with reopening the parks despite the rise of coronavirus cases.

“SHUT IT DOWN nobody is buying this BS propaganda from Disney. people will die,” wrote one person.

“This is disgusting and shouldn’t be supported nor accepted by the people. An amusement park opened in the world’s pandemic epicenter, some people just wanna die rather than lose money,” tweeted another.

  Matt Stroshane / Getty Images

The controversial decision made by Disney to reopen some of their parks has been met with a great deal of backlash online. So far, both the Magic Kingdom Park and the Animal Kingdom have opened their doors once again. To try and mitigate the risk, the company has implemented new rules and restrictions, such as the aforementioned mask rule.

In addition to the mask requirement, guests must also agree to have their temperature taken and follow “increased social distancing” guidelines. Additional screening guidelines mandate that park visitors should self-monitor and not come to the park if they feel sick at all.

A spokesperson from the company said they had “robust protocols in place” to “address each situation individually, considering advice provided by public health agencies and the company’s medical and safety experts.”

While the theme park has started allowing visitors once again, The Inquisitr previously reported that Walt Disney World would be canceling many of their most popular fall events, including Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. However, Epcot is expected to move forward with its annual Food & Wine Festival.

Over the past weekend, Florida broke its record for most single-day cases. Over 15,000 new cases of the virus were reported on Friday. On Sunday, more than 550 patients were hospitalized in Orange County, where the theme park is located.