‘Motocross Madness’ Review Roundup

Motocross Madness was released April 10 for Xbox Live Arcade. See what the critics had to say.

First off, you should know that Xbox Live Arcade games are usually nothing deep. If you want something deep with endless replay value, you’re usually better off trying your luck with a game you can buy on disc. With the running trend of DLC on the most popular games, the replay value often depends only on how much you want to spend. With that out of the way, let’s proceed with the review roundup.

Motocross Madness was a good game back in the 90s. It introduced us to the concept of dirt bike racing and made it accessible to those of us who couldn’t afford the real thing. The dirt bike racer had that one quality that all arcade-style games needed. It was quick fun. Arcades were where you could drop some change into a machine and just have fun for maybe five minutes, and you didn’t mind.

Motocross Madness is a game that doesn’t stand out in the history books, despite its favorable results. It was mothballed for years over lack of interest. It’s easy to pick up and play, and difficult to master, and has been resurrected in HD for all to enjoy once again.

Each track has multiple routes, and those who figure them out have a much easier time winning the races. Are you lacking friends? No worries. Motocross Madness will find other players you can race against online.

Motocross Madness delivers where so many dirt biking videogames failed, and gives you simple avatar-racing action with enough rewards to make you wonder how many hours they spent looking for things to reward you for. If you make it to the leaderboards, you can get immortalized as a ghost racer everyone else has to aspire to beat. If you pull off enough tricks and pick up enough items, the experience points you earn can be used to get new items for your avatar and unlock bikes and upgrades for them.

The single-player career mode gives you four modes; Race, Rivals, Exploration, and Trick Session. So right away, you can have fun with Motocross Madness without even going online. Fun and simple, this game is everything the arcades were famous for.

What do you think of Motocross Madness?