July 13, 2020
Hong Kong Disneyland Closes Again After Spike in Coronavirus Cases

Disneyland Hong Kong will be closing its doors for a second time due to COVID-19, as reported by Forbes.

The park was the second Disney resort to reopen, following Disneyland Shanghai which opened at 30 percent capacity in April, according to CNBC. The park is now the first to close again as the pandemic continues.

The resort initially closed for five months due to the coronavirus pandemic and is due to close again for the foreseeable future on July 15. This comes after a reported increase in cases of the virus in the region. The decision is believed to have been a government mandate, and not made by Disney themselves.

When Disneyland Hong Kong reopened, in order to keep staff and guests safe, the theme park took several safety measures to facilitate the reopening. Character meet-and-greets were suspended to keep staff and guests apart from one another. Beloved Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse were free to roam the park but could not get close to guests. Disney staff carried signs that said, "Please maintain appropriate social distance," to remind people of social distancing protocol.

Disneyland Hong Kong had opened at a reduced capacity to limit the number of guests allowed in the park at any given time. Guests had to make a declaration of health when reserving tickets for the park, which could be done 7 days in advance.

Disneyland Shanghai has a capacity significantly lower than Disneyland Hong Kong, according to CNBC. However, a spokesperson for Disneyland Hong Kong did not say what the difference was between the number of guests allowed in the Chinese resorts.

Disney World staff member sanitises park
Getty Images | Matt Stroshane

The closure of Disneyland Hong Kong has raised questions about the reopening of Disneyland California and Disney World Florida.

Disney World reopened Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11. Theme park journalist, Carlye Wisel visited the park and shared that there was no social distancing in the queues for the rides, as reported by Forbes.

Cases of COVID-19 have been rising in Florida. The state reported a record-breaking 15,300 new cases on Sunday, according to The Washington Post. This is the largest amount of reported cases in a state in one day so far.

Disneyland Paris is still due to reopen later this month, according to CNBC. Disneyland Toyko reopened July 1.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Walt Disney World released a statement saying that guests assume all risks associated with COVID-19 exposure. On May 20, Disney Springs allowed third-party vendors to reopen their locations. In April Walt Disney World had to furlough 43,000 employees as reported by The Inquisitr.