Lindsay Lohan Is Striking In New Black-And-White Instagram Upload

Lindsay Lohan attends the Network 10 marquee on Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 05, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.
James Gourley / Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan is striking in a new black-and-white Instagram upload as she shared the cover art for some music with her followers. The actress posted the pic, which promoted her single “Back to Me,” for her 8.5 million fans, telling them that a new remix of the song was available. Lindsay called the tune the “Black Caviar” remix.

The actress looked stunning in the photo. She wore a large, black fedora in the share. Its brim had a large overhand that shielded Lindsay’s face from the sun. Her red tresses were worn long and loose in the photo. With her tresses parted on the left side and worn in soft waves down her shoulders and back, Lindsay looked gorgeous. There were some chin-length pieces of hair blown toward her face in the photo, which framed her flawless profile.

While it was difficult to tell the color of makeup the actress and singer wore in the photo, some things were clearly seen. Lindsay appeared to have a dark eyeliner applied to her eyes. The liner was smudged to give a smoky look to her light-colored eyes. Mascara was added to lengthen her lashes. It does not appear that she is wearing false eyelashes in the photo. A shimmer underneath her eyebrows led viewers of the photo to believe she had a light, frosted eye shadow placed in that area to highlight her natural arch.

The actress displayed her freckles prominently in the pic. Her fair skin did not appear to have been covered up with a heavy foundation. Lindsay’s lips did not appear to be lined, and likely a nude lipstick was used to enhance her already full and lush lips.

Lindsay appeared to have on a dark, collared shirt or jacket in the image. Only the top of it could be seen in the photo.

Fans of the actress thought the image and the release of a new mix of music was fabulous news.

“Can’t wait for the new album please release it soon,” stated one follower.

“We love you Lindsay and we love your music, fabulous,” said a second fan.

“Your overall look in this photo is complete goals! You are so stunningly beautiful. You always look classy and elegant in every photo,” remarked a third social media user.

“That is a fresh album cover, so stunning, so beautiful. I have been a fan of yours for such a long time. Glad that you are creating again,” said a fourth fan.