'Sports Illustrated's Curviest Model' Hunter McGrady Says In New Instagram Share: 'Let's Talk About Butts'

Sports Illustrated's curviest model Hunter McGrady said in a new Instagram share that she wanted to "talk about butts" as she showed off her assets in the sunshine. The stunning 27-year-old wore a one-piece bathing suit in a new photo and used her platform to speak about the topic of body positivity with her 676,000 followers, who showed their appreciation by liking the post 33,921 times and counting.

In the photo, Hunter wore a gorgeous blue-and-white floral one-piece swimsuit. She propped herself up on her knees on a blue and pink blanket, which was placed on the green grass in an outdoor area of her home. Behind the stunner, some lush hosta plants and snowball hydrangeas were also seen in front of what appeared to be a garage.

Hunter had her hands in her hair, holding her long blond tresses off of her back. She looked over her left shoulder and stared directly into the camera lens. She appeared to not have any makeup on in the share.

The front of her swimwear appeared to be full-coverage, and the back featured a scoop fashion detail that ended right above the small of her waist.

Within the context of the caption, Hunter spoke about not having what would be thought of as a perfect lower body. She wanted to normalize things that naturally occur on people's bodies, such as pimples, cellulite, and stretch marks. Hunter explained to her followers that many people use social media to show what they feel is the best version of themselves instead of the real version they see in the mirror.

She wanted them to know that they are not alone in their shared imperfections, so she invited them into the "butt pimple" club.

Fans of the model loved the photo and shared their own feelings regarding her post in the comments section of the share.

Hunter's sister, Michaela, was one of the first to comment.

"Love this sissy!!! Butt pimples, ingrown hairs, marks, scars- it's all NORMAL!!! We all have it and we're all BUTT PIMPLE FRIENDS!!" she stated.

Fellow Sports Illustrated model Hayley Kalil also commented.

"I LIVE to see women embracing and loving every inch of their bodies and you have always been one of my role models for this!!!"

"Always beautiful!! Bc of ppl like you I have become more comfortable with myself. Yea I'm on a journey to get healthier. But I've never been skinny....ever. And I don't plan on ever being 'skinny' but you have shown me that I can still wear whatever I want. And as long as I feel good that matters," said a third fan.