Womb Transplant Baby Could Be On The Way

Is a womb transplant baby on the way? On Friday, a medical team from Akdeniz University Hospital in Antalya, Turkey, announced that they had implanted an embryo into the womb of 22-year-old Deyra Sert on March 31.

Although it was still too early to be certain, Dr. Mustafa Unal said that the early tests suggested that the operation was successful and that Sert could now be pregnant.

High-tech medical intervention was needed because Sert was born without a womb. The hospital made medical history in August 2011 when it successfully transplanted a womb from a recently deceased organ donor into her body. That surgery, performed by a transplant team headed up by Dr. Omer Ozkan, took seven hours.

Dr. Ozkan is a world-famous transplant surgeon who has performed other ground-breaking surgeries, including the world’s first double arm transplant in 2010. Both arms were transplanted from a victim who had died in a motorcycle crash to a 29-year-old man who had lost his arms in a farm equipment accident. In 2012, Ozkan was at the head of a medical team that performed Turkey’s first face transplant.

The embryo recently transplanted into Sert’s womb was created using one of her eggs and her husband’s sperm. Mustafa Sert was reportedly in tears at the time of the original successful womb transplant and indicated that it didn’t matter whether it was a girl or a boy. They just wanted to have a healthy baby — sentiments that aspiring parents around the world can probably sympathize with.

He also hinted that he was already thinking about baby names. He said that a boy would be called Umar, but they hadn’t yet decided on what name they would give a girl.

If Sert successfully gives birth, her child will be the first baby born after a womb transplant.

[pregnant mother photo by Mayakova via Shutterstock.com]