Man Attempts To Cut Off His Arms At Home Depot

A man recently attempted to cut off his own arms at a Home Depot in California.

Employees said the unidentified 50-year-old man walked into the store on Wednesday afternoon. He was soon spotted trying to cut off his arms using several handsaws he pulled from shelves. The man didn’t say anything to anyone before he started harming himself.

Authorities explained that customers were understandably shocked when they stumbled across the man attempting to remove his own arms. He was soon taken to an area hospital where he was listed in critical condition. Doctors were able to save both of his arms.

An off-duty fire captain happened to be shopping at the Home Depot when the incident reportedly took place. Captain Art Hurtado discovered the man unconscious in a pool of blood on the floor. He described the scene as “pandemonium.”

“As I walked in, he was face down and I thought it was a crime scene with a fatality, that is how it seemed. There was a pulse, a very faint pulse and he was barely breathing. I knew I had to slow the bleeding down, or this patient may or may not make it,” he explained during a recent press conference.

Using rope and rags he found around Home Depot, he quickly fashioned tourniquets to help stop the bleeding. His quick thinking helped save the man’s life. The 21-year veteran said he just does things “instinctively,” adding that he is simply there “to serve.”

“We started the tourniquet in his worst arm, and the dressings were applied to both,” Hurtado explained. “We got him into a gurney, and he was taken to the local hospital.”

Although the man caused quite a bit of damage to his arms — Hurtado said the cuts were all the way to the bone — doctors were able to save his life.

What do you think about the man attempted to cut off his arms inside a Home Depot?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]