Hannah Palmer Shows Off Her ‘Glowing’ Look On Instagram: ‘Feeling The Most Confident Ever’

Hannah Palmer clicks a selfie.
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah Palmer looked radiant in her latest Instagram post, stunning followers with her flawless complexion and perfect tan. The 22-year-old model opted for a trendy outfit that left plenty of luminous skin on display, rocking a short-sleeved white top and a pair of distressed blue jeans that were ripped in the front, exposing her knees. She completed her look with a white Balenciaga handbag, further accessorizing with a silver wristwatch that matched the assortment of rings adorning her fingers.

The blond beauty let herself be photographed on a white cushioned chair, leaning forward towards the camera as she crossed one arm over her lap and closed her legs. She raised her watch-bearing hand to her shoulder, as Hannah made it a point to showcase the chic timepiece. She tilted her head to the side and shot a sultry gaze at the lens. She styled her golden locks in a side part, tumbling over her shoulders in wavy curls that framed her face. Sunlight from a nearby window illuminated her body and half of her elegant, angular visage, whereas shade covered her piercing eyes. This rendered her intense gaze all the more seductive, while also emphasizing her slender physique.

Hannah included a second snap wherein she flaunted her hourglass figure while leaning backwards on her seat. She propped herself up on one hand and parted her legs, showing off her playful side as she ruffled her curls. The pose perfectly showcased her toned midriff, revealing the knotted design of her crop top, which complemented the high-rise jeans. Fans could also notice that the denims were adorned with distressed details along the thigh, in addition to the frayed trim that spotlighted her sculpted knees.

The Instagram star and social media influencer sported a fresh-faced look and didn’t appear to be wearing too much makeup. She accentuated her gorgeous features with long lashes to bring out her blue eyes, adding definition to her cheeks with a discrete blush. The boldest element of her natural-looking glam was the pink shade she wore on her lush lips, which seemed glossy in the gleaming sunshine.

Hannah credited her “glowing” look to the Glendale, California-based skin care center, 7QSpa, to which she gave a shout out in her caption. She expressed her gratitude to the med spa’s team, telling fans the trip to the facility left her with renewed self-confidence. The model also tagged the Tanvious tanning salon in her post, attributing her perfect bronze to the organic brand.

Although the upload didn’t include a geotag to disclose her location, a Maimon Group tag suggested the photos were taken at one of the luxury rental company’s event venues. The sumptuous décor consisted of dark sandstone floors and a pair of massive glazed doors, one of which connected the spacious room to a large chamber furnished with white counters. The door was wide open, showing a second person lounging on a chair in the far-background.

The double update seemed to have made quite the impression on many of Hannah’s 1.6 million Instagram followers, reeling in more than 35,000 likes and 460 comments in just four hours. Her admirers complimented everything from her clothes to her hairstyle and gushed over her stirring eyes. Fellow models also flocked to the comments section, leaving sweet messages of admiration for the Arizona native.

“You are gorgeous,” wrote Greek-Ecuadorian beauty Amanda Trivizas, trailed by three heart-eyes emoji.

Latina fitness sensation Yaslen Clemente declared her love for the American model with a short, abbreviated message.

“Loml,” she remarked, followed by a trio of cat heart-eyes.

“Love the pic with half light and half shade on you… plus gorgeous hair,” penned another user.

“This just made my weekend,” a fourth follower commented, ending with a pair of hearts.