Holly Sonders Stuns In Sexy Pink Bodysuit, Laments Her Epic Photoshop Fail

TV presenter, model and golfer Holly Sonders participates in a 2014 tournament.
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Holly Sonders, the former Fox Sports host, golf standout and friend of President Donald Trump, has made an incredible transition to the world of high-profile modeling and social media stardom. However, editing images in Photoshop is clearly not in her wheelhouse, a fact that the 33-year-old lamented in a July 12 Instagram update that included a sizzling shot of her in a pink one-piece.

Sonders’ update included two pictures: one that showed her standing in the shallow waters at the beach, and an edited version of the same photo that was rendered unusable by her ill-fated image manipulation.

In the accompanying caption, Sonders copped to what she had done, calling the result of her tinkering “scary sh*t.” Nevertheless, she managed to capture the imagination of her followers, which now number almost 480,000, with the stunning original image, as well as her unorthodox remix of the material.

In the first photo, Sonders’ full body was captured by the camera, its dimensions pleasingly highlighted by the light pink swimsuit she wore. Her perky bust, sharp curves and toned legs owned the frame as she stood with her feet in the water. The shot was thoroughly illuminated as a result of the sun’s rays reflecting off the water, creating a visually stimulating backdrop for her seductive posing.

As the picture was taken, Sonders peered at the camera’s lens and ran a hand through her long, dark hair. Although her suit covered much of her upper body, a hint of cleavage and sideboob were both visible in the shot.

The altered version of the photograph showed her bodysuit masked by a questionable cyan swath, which appeared to be sloppily-applied using Photoshop’s paintbrush tool. However, the additional morphing of her dark hair and eyes into a turquoise mess may actually indicate some kind of filter or plug-in gone awry.

Despite her Photoshop fail, Sonders was reassured by her fans in the comments thread with a litany of positive messages and words of praise for her attempt, as well as the artistry of her pose.

“Who needs it with a body like this,” commented fellow model Katie Kearney.

“You look good though. All that matters!” wrote one fan.

“You def do not need to photoshop anything!” opined another admirer.

“Lol. Still smokin though,” affirmed a fourth fan.

As shared by The Inquisitr on July 9, Sonders rocked Instagram earlier this week with a video update which found her similarly strutting around a beach in a skimpy snakeskin-patterned bikini that allowed for a significant showing of cleavage and booty.