Mathilde Tantot’s Curves Sizzle In Sports Bra And Hot Pants

Model Mathilde Tantot poses for a mirror selfie in 2019.
Mathilde Tantot / Instagram

French model and influencer Mathilde Tantot, the twin sister of fellow social media star Pauline Tantot, brought the heat to her popular Instagram feed on Sunday, July 12, posting a two-pic slideshow which showed her out on the road for a jog while sporting black hot pants and a white sports bra.

One day earlier, she had shared an Instagram update in which she showed off her nearly bare booty in a skimpy bikini. And while her more recent spread eschewed the scant attire for workout attire, the 25-year-old nonetheless managed to rile a sizable portion of her 7.4 million followers on the platform in an outfit that still pleasingly accentuated her dynamite curves.

The post, which was geotagged to Vaucluse, in southeast France, included a caption in which Tantot said that she “felt cute.”

The slideshow opened with a shot of Tantot standing by the roadside and facing the camera. Her normally prominent eyes remained closed as the photo was snapped, and her long blond hair flowed down to each side from a middle part, resting over her shoulder, arm and chest on one side while draping over another shoulder and toward her back on the other.

Tantot’s garments adhered closely to the contours of her slight, yet shapely frame and her flat abdominal area and navel were left exposed beneath her sports bra.

In the second picture, Tantot was captured from the side. Although her beautiful face was completely masked by her blond strands, the sharpness of the curvature stretching from her upper back to her prominent booty remained a similarly stunning visage.

As with the first photo, an expanse of trees and the winding road provided the backdrop for her posing.

As per usual, Tantot’s update managed to rile her fanbase in almost no time, getting double-tapped more than 130,000 times within 30 minutes of being posted. Several hundred comments were left, the brunt of which were overt statements of affection for the Fashion Nova ambassador and her tempting photos.

“And let’s be honest, you looked cute also,” wrote one commenter, in reference to Tantot’s caption.

“So beautiful and divine. Simply perfect,” said another admirer.

“Can you post a jogging video?” asked one fan, clearly wanting to see more of the social media star.

“Always beautiful and perfect poses,” commented a fourth fan.

Although her latest offering was slightly more conservative in nature where her apparel was concerned in relation to past updates, The Inquisitr previously reported on a late June update in which Tantot took a “naked nap.”