Gabby Allen Rocks Black Lingerie To Show Fans She's 'Not Always Sporty'

Gabby Allen showed her sexy side in the Instagram update that she shared on Sunday. Fans of the British fitness influencer are used to seeing her rock skintight athletic ensembles and bikinis that bare plenty of skin, but it's rare to see her clad in lacy boudoir wear like the lingerie set she was pictured wearing in her latest social media snapshot.

In the caption of her post, the former Love Island star informed her followers that she doesn't always embrace the "sporty" look. She also revealed that her glamorous all-black ensemble was from the U.K. lingerie brand Boux Avenue. Gabby wrote that she felt "lovely" in the luxurious set.

Gabby was pictured posing in front of the ornate gray-and-white wallpaper in her bedroom. The floral pattern perfectly complemented the similar designs featured throughout her lingerie. She wore a camisole with a deep V-neck and a thick band of unbroken underwire below the bust. The garment's cups were constructed out of delicate lace with scalloped edging around the neckline. The lower half of the top appeared to be silk.

Gabby's ensemble likely included a pair of silk sleep shorts or underwear, but her bottoms were hidden from view by the front of the silk robe she was wearing. The garment boasted lace accents on the sleeves and a tie around the waist.

In her picture, Gabby posed provocatively on top of a low table with a white front panel. She had her left foot curled up underneath her right thigh. The front of her robe and its untied belt hung down between her legs. She wore the left shoulder of the robe pulled down to expose more of her camisole.

Gabby accessorized her lingerie with two gold necklaces, one of which included a name pendant. She wore her blond hair pulled up in a chic topknot, and she left two curled tendrils down to frame her face.

The model's tan skin had a subtle glow, and her face looked flawless and dewy. Her makeup appeared to include nude lipstick and brown eyeshadow. Her eyelashes looked long, voluminous, and curled. The camera captured Gabby's sultry stare as she gazed directly at it with her lips parted seductively.

Gabby's Instagram followers seemed to appreciate her decision to try out a different look. Thus far, her lingerie pic has racked up over 10,000 likes.

"Very stunning subtle erotic picture," wrote one of her followers in the comments section of her post.

"Wow Gabby! Lookin good," another admirer gushed.

"My God you're hot," a third comment read.

"This is beautiful," a fourth fan shared.