WWE News: Legendary Superstar Recalls Real-Life Fight Between Superstars And Fans Following Autograph Signing

As documented by Sportskeeda, Chris Jericho talked about getting into a fight with fans, skinheads and MMA fighters while WWE was touring the U.K. several years ago.

According to "Y2J," he and some other WWE talents got into the scrap because a fan took issue with Triple H. However, while his actions caused a fan to start trouble, Triple H had nothing to do with the fight itself.

"I think Triple H was supposed to sign an autograph for somebody and he didn't. He got in the elevator and split. And this guy got really mad and started a fight with one of the guys. And we were in the middle of a long tour. You do not mess with the boys."
Jericho went on to say that the subsequent brawl between the wrestlers, skinheads and MMA fighters got messy. He also stated that the WWE superstars won the fight in the end, which he seemed proud of, considering there were some legitimate combat sports fighters there.

He did reveal that Viscera -- who was a super heavyweight -- was one of the superstars involved in the scrap and that he had no issue dominating his opponent. This led to Jericho going around trying to steal clothes from the angry mob.

"He's just sitting on a guy and I was going around just like, how many shirts can I rip off? I'm going to rip off your shirt."
He also recalled how Chris Benoit had someone locked in his Crossface finishing maneuver during the fight. He said that Benoit was laughing the entire time that he had the fan locked in the submission hold, suggesting that he enjoyed the brawl.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring

The fight ended when the police arrived and broke it up. They told the wrestlers they'd take care of the rest. Jericho admitted he had a lot of fun during the altercation and he has fond memories of the occasion.

It isn't uncommon for WWE superstars to fight fans. Samoa Joe recently recounted a story which detailed how he tried to beat up a fan who tried to steal from him during a poker game. The situation was broken up before Joe threw any punches.

While the Q&A session of the podcast saw Jericho share some of his favorite stories of his former colleagues, he did criticize others. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, he opened up about which superstars were unsafe workers in the ring.