WWE News: Former Champion Says ‘Creative Has Nothing’ For Him Right Now, Teases Character Reinvention

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Tommaso Ciampa is one of the most popular superstars in NXT, but he’s been absent from television in recent weeks. Taking to Instagram, the former NXT Champion revealed that he isn’t injured, but he did state that he feels WWE officials have no plans for him at the moment. You can see his post here.

According to Ciampa, the feeling might just be in his head. However, he explained that’s the way he feels and he plans on using it to reinvent himself. The superstar said it’s time to “evolve,” and revealed his plans to get his championship back.

“Motivation is a fascinating trait. Throughout my career, I’ve often found that creating false dialogue has led to my greatest internal motivation. In 2018, I created a scenario in my head in which ‘nobody believed in me.’ It drove me. In 2020, after weeks of being left off television (yes, I’m healthy), I find myself with a new false dialogue. ‘Creative has nothing for you.’ Whether or not this is true really doesn’t matter. Because in my head, it’s true.”

Ciampa went on to say that he’s “hungrier than ever” and detailed his desire to reach new heights on the black-and-gold brand. While he didn’t reveal how he plans on evolving just yet, his post suggests that the future is bright for the NXT veteran.

Ciampa’s intention of winning back “Goldie” confirms that his future is in NXT moving forward, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go elsewhere. There have been reports in recent weeks that he could be set to face Randy Orton in the near future.

The pair got into an argument on social media after Orton criticized Ciampa’s — and the general NXT brand’s — highly physical in-ring style. Vince McMahon reportedly didn’t approve of their bickering, but it has opened up a world of possibilities for a storyline later on.

Orton believes that black-and-gold brand stars should focus more on their storytelling abilities in order to prevent injuries, while also making their matches more compelling. Ciampa, however, thinks Orton’s style is boring.

Since their argument, Orton has reportedly wanted to face Ciampa, as well as his fellow NXT mainstay, Adam Cole. In the past, Ciampa has claimed that he never wants to join the Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown brands.

However, a match against Orton may be on the cards, which would certainly count as a new high for Ciampa. Orton is a 13-time World Champion and a future Hall of Famer.