WWE News: Chris Jericho Reveals Which Wrestlers Were Unsafe To Work With, Including Current Superstar

As documented by Sportskeeda, Chris Jericho revealed that Tyson Tomko and Titus O'Neil were unsafe when he worked with them in the past. Answering fan questions on his Saturday Night Special podcast, the legendary former WWE superstar recalled how reckless both wrestlers were during their matches against him.

According to Jericho, Tomko -- who was Christian's bodyguard at the time -- had a finisher that "was very hard to take." He then went on to say that O'Neil "would just throw you, with no direction and with no care on how you're going to land."

Jericho faced Tomko throughout 2004. Tomko debuted shortly after WrestleMania 20 and helped Christian in his feud against "Y2J," with the pair even facing each other at Bad Blood 2004. This also meant that Jericho took several finishers from the rookie superstar during this period.

Tomko was a relative newcomer to in-ring competition during this time, so it's possible that he was still green back then. He was placed with Christian in order to get experience, but he was never given many opportunities to shine as a singles star. Perhaps this was because he wasn't considered trustworthy in the ring.

Jericho didn't have any notable rivalries with O'Neil. However, considering that he was a WWE mainstay for almost two decades, it's highly likely that he faced the former Prime Time Players member a few times while they were in the company together.

Neither O'Neil nor Tomko have responded to Jericho's comments at the time of this writing. O'Neil is still a WWE superstar, however, so Jericho's accusations could add fuel to the rivalry between WWE and Jericho's current promotion, All Elite Wrestling. Jericho is no stranger to bashing his old company on social media these days, and his latest comments suggest that he doesn't care about upsetting people.

This isn't the first time that O'Neil has been criticized for being an unsafe worker. As documented by Wrestle Zone, Daniel Bryan recalled how the superstar punched him in the face during the Greatest Royal Rumble match in Saudi Arabia. This was the pay-per-view that saw O'Neil fall on the way to the ring and become a viral sensation. Bryan chose to let the punch slide, but he revealed that he was tempted to kick O'Neil in the face.

Tomko, meanwhile, has been absent from the mainstream wrestling scene since he left Impact Wrestling in 2010. While he didn't leave the company for in-ring reasons, he has faced some personal demons since then. As reported by TMZ, he was previously arrested for armed robbery which stemmed from addiction issues.