Naya Rivera’s Mother Seen Collapsed On Her Knees At The Lake Where Her Daughter Went Missing

naya rivera in a white shirt
Joshua Blanchard / Getty Images

Yolanda Rivera, the mother of Glee actress Naya Rivera, was seen breaking down on her knees at the lake where her daughter went missing in a heartbreaking scene.

According to TMZ, Yolanda was at Lake Piru along with Naya’s brother, Mychal, to help with the search. As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 33-year-old has been missing since Wednesday after renting a boat for an outing with her 4-year-old son, Josey.

Authorities sounded the alarm after Josey was found on the boat alone, claiming that his mother did not resurface after jumping into the water. Officials have since stated that they have presumed that Naya is dead, likely from an accidental drowning.

Though fans around the world have expressed their grief over the terrible event, it likely pales in comparison to the grief felt by Naya’s family.

Some of the anguish was captured in a new gut-wrenching photo, where Yolanda can be seen on the dock while collapsed on her knees. Her arms were outstretched in an emotional gesture, and her sadness was palpable from her body language. Beside her stood Mychal, who appeared to remain stoic despite the tragic circumstances.

Though TMZ did not specifically say when the picture was taken, it claimed the scene occurred “over the last day or so.” The identities of Yolanda and Mychal were verified by the Ventura Sheriff’s Office.

The mother and son were later seen putting on life vests and boarding the boat that was continuing the search with the assistance of the police.

They were not the only family members to join the patrol. Naya’s father, George Rivera, arrived in the afternoon to offer his assistance as well.

Like Yolanda, George also appeared to have an emotional moment at Lake Piru. According to the media outlet, he walked up to the water’s edge and slowly waded in until he was knee-deep in water. He then appeared to bend over and splash water on his face.

Afterward, he joined Yolanda and Mychal on the search patrol.

As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sergeant Kevin Donoghue from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office recently gave an update on the “slow-going search process.”

Donoghue explained that the search had been difficult because divers had “less than one foot of visibility in the water in daylight.”

In addition, debris in the water had slowed down divers. Donoghue warned that such debris might also be concealing Naya’s body.

“If the body is entangled in something beneath the water, it may never come back up,” he warned.