Camila Bernal Struts, Shows Off Tempting Curves In Tiny, Tie-Dye Bikini

Model and influencer Camila Bernal poses for a selfie in 2020.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Colombian model and social media influencer Camila Bernal has made a habit out of showing off her voluptuous body and incredible curves on her popular Instagram feed. Her sizable assets were prominently displayed once again in her latest update, which featured a sizzling video clip of the 23-year-old strutting around on a boat in a tiny, tie-dye bikini while imploring her 1.3 million followers to check out a popular energy drink.

In spite of the commercial nature of the video, which featured multiple shots of the advertised beverage, the comments thread indicated that Bernal’s fans remained thoroughly attentive to her scantily clad body and seductive movements.

“You’re such a beautiful woman,” wrote one appreciative fan.

“And looking really sexy mami,” commented another user, further indicating their approval with emoji.

“Love you gorgeous,” said a third admirer.

The approximately 40-second video clip began with Bernal walking across the deck of the boat with the camera shooting her from the front. As she moved, there was bounce in her step, as well as her famously ample bosom. With her eyes covered by large, square-framed sunglasses and her long, dark hair flowing down her back, Bernal directed a smile to the camera before the video cut to a shot of her holding and enjoying the drink.

That was followed by a quick cut to a close-up of the can, before we saw Bernal strolling once again. This time, the camera caught her moving from behind, revealing a clear look at her substantial derriere, which was “covered” only by the thin straps of her skimpy bikini bottoms. The blue, tie-dye pattern matched that of her top, and its straps were tied together just above the hips.

She continued to move before doing a slow turnabout, allowing the camera to shoot her from the front once again. As she did so, the cameraperson continued to move toward Bernal, offering a closer look at her buxom physique. That was followed by a succession of quick cuts featuring Bernal as well as the beverage, before the video neared its close with a lingering shot of the model as she sat, playing with her hair and tugging at her bikini top.

As of this writing, Bernal’s bikini video was zeroing in on 7,000 views and the comments continued to roll out.

On July 1, The Inquisitr shared a previous update in which Bernal was shown flaunting her biggest assets in fishnet leggings and a black thong. That post ultimately proved to be a big hit with her fans, notching well over 30,000 likes while hundreds of comments were left.