Donald Trump Jr. Gets Dragged Online Over Errors Spotted On His Next Book Cover

The president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to share the cover for his next book. It did not take long, however, for him to receive a lot of negative responses about it. The cover contained a couple of grammatical issues, although that wasn't the only part of the reveal that raised some eyebrows.

Trump Jr. tweeted out what he said was a portion of the cover for his next book, which he revealed would be titled Liberal Privilege. Some people found it interesting that he only shared a glimpse of the cover, rather than the full mock-up. However, the full cover is available online and quickly became fodder for his critics.

As Axios shared, Trump Jr. has been working on the book during quarantine and he plans to self-publish it during the week of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in late August.

A full version of the cover showed the book's full title: Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrat's Defense of the Indefensible. It did not take long for a number of people across Twitter to point out that the apostrophe should come at the end of "Democrats," not before the "s."

Journalist Garrett Graff was one of many who shared the full cover via Twitter and pointed out the issue. In fact, as Graff noted in a subsequent tweet, there were a couple of grammatical issues with the cover. Not only was the apostrophe in the wrong place, he noted, but "best selling" should have been hyphenated.

Some people expressed their excitement for the upcoming release. However, it appeared that the vast majority of the responses were critical in nature.

"Using bad grammar to own the libs..." someone teased.

"Are you reprinting the cover? Just for grammatical accuracy? Asking for a friend..." questioned another critic on Twitter.

In addition to noting the grammatical errors, quite a few others thought the president's wealthy son writing about privilege seemed like a somewhat interesting pursuit.

"A New Yorker who was born rich wants to lecture folks about 'privilege'," someone else detailed.

There were also quite a few replies that teased Trump Jr. about the supposed success of his first book, Triggered. As he noted on his new cover, it was said to be a best seller. However, the RNC reportedly spent about $100,000 to buy copies of the book, causing some to question if it could actually be classified as a best seller.

"Will the RNC be buying it [sic] bulk again so you don't look a flop," a Twitter user teased.

Given that the book is a self-published project -- and has not yet been released -- it certainly is possible that the grammar issues on the cover will be fixed before it's made available for purchase. Both Trump Jr.'s fans and critics will be curious to see how this upcoming book performs.