Meghan Markle's Former BFF Jessica Mulroney Is Allegedly Mulling A Tell-All Book As 'She Has Nothing To Lose'

Jessica Mulroney, the Canadian stylist and socialite who was once widely considered to be Meghan Markle's best friend, is reportedly considering writing a tell-all book about her relationship with the duchess. The potential project comes as their once-strong friendship dramatically disintegrated after Mulroney was accused of racism after bullying a Black Canadian influencer this past June.

According to the Daily Mail, though Mulroney has tried to mend their relationship, the Duchess of Sussex has rebuffed all attempts. Sources have claimed that the stylist is particularly hurt because she had hoped for a show of support from Markle, especially since Mulroney has faced intense fallout from the race row.

Many of these repercussions have to do with her career. ABC's Good Morning America ended their contract with Mulroney. In addition, she was similarly fired from Canadian channel CTV, and her television show -- I Do, Redo -- was dropped.

Mulroney's partnerships with brands also suffered, as Smash + Tess, Hudson's Bay, and Kleinfeld Canada all ended their relationship with the stylist. In addition, her husband stepped down from one of his hosting jobs as a result of the furor.

Mulroney appears to be feeling the loss of employment, as friends have claimed that she is considering writing a book about her time with Markle as she feels she "has nothing left to lose," particularly since her repeated attempts to contact the former Suits actress have reportedly failed.

"Jessica has been calling Meghan non-stop and also calling up mutual friends to try and patch up their friendship," claimed an insider.

"She's devastated Meghan has turned her back on her at a time when she needs her most. But their friends have told her not to expect to hear back from Meghan because when she cuts someone off, she's done for good – just like with her family," the source added, referencing the duchess' estrangement from both her father and her half-siblings.

Those close to Mulroney also described the stylist as being at her "wits' end" over both the public relations nightmare and the friendship troubles.

Jessica Mulroney at Meghan Marke's wedding to Prince Harry
Getty Images | Chris Jackson
Jessica Mulroney at Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry

Should Mulroney write a tell-all book about the Duchess of Sussex, she would not be the first. Two books that claimed to have inside information about the 38-year-old were recently released, grabbing headlines with stories about how Prince Harry has supposedly lost most of his friends because of the marriage and how Kate Middleton reportedly confronted Harry about Markle when he first began the romance.

In addition, Ninaki Priddy, the former friend who once served as the maid of honor at Markle's first wedding, has also given interviews to a number of media outlets that have painted an unflattering picture of the duchess.