Daisy Keech Shares Rear View Of Cherry-Print Bikini To Promote Her ‘Booty Programs’

Daisy revealed that it takes a lot of hard work to look the way she does in a thong.

Daisy Keech clicks a selfie.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Daisy revealed that it takes a lot of hard work to look the way she does in a thong.

Daisy Keech showed off her peachy derrière to promote her fitness programs and meal plans. On Saturday, the model delighted her 4.9 million Instagram followers by uploading a new bikini photo to her account. The scanty bathing suit left little of her enviable figure to the imagination.

Daisy was photographed standing outside on a white spiral staircase with wooden steps and a curved metal railing. As indicated by the post’s geotag, the snapshot was taken in Beverly Hills, California. The location appeared to be the large mansion inhabited by Daisy and other members of The Clubhouse, the collective of social media influencers that she co-founded.

Towering trees with thick trunks, long branches, and dense green crowns made up most of the picture’s backdrop. Daisy’s sun-kissed skin and white string bikini really stood out against the dark and shady background. Her two-piece featured a playful cherry print. The bathing suit’s triangle top had flirty ties on the shoulders that were secured in small bows. The shoulder straps were attached to a thin string that stretched across Daisy’s toned back. The top included an additional back tie that sat down a few inches lower.

Daisy’s matching bottoms had long side ties that trailed down her curvy hips and thighs. However, the main focus of her photo was the area of her body that the garment’s thong back wasn’t covering up. Daisy had her pert posterior angled toward the camera to ensure that her fans could get a good look at it.

For her photo shoot, Daisy rocked a romantic hairstyle. A few locks of her hair had been pulled back, and two tendrils framed her face. The sunlight lit up the soft blond waves that cascaded down her back.

Daisy had a to-go cup in her hand that appeared to contain a chocolate or coffee drink. She was holding the beverage up and looking back at the photographer over her shoulder. She gave the camera a coy smile as her photo was snapped.

Daisy was joined by her adorable dog, Harley. The blond German Shepherd occasionally makes appearances in the model’s photos.

In the caption of her post, Daisy encouraged her followers to sign up for her “booty programs & meal plans.” She claimed that she would show enrollees how to increase the size of their booties without gaining weight around the midsection.

“Absolutely body goals!” wrote Daisy’s fellow Clubhouse member Kinsey Wolanski in the comments section of her post.

“Harley showin off too,” remarked Daisy’s boyfriend, Michael Yerger.

“You have the most perfect body in the world,” read a third response to Daisy’s photo.