Raw Milk May Soon Be Legal In Montana

Raw milk may soon be legal to sell in Montana. Earlier this week state lawmakers began hearing arguments on House Bill 574. If passed, the unpasteurized milk bill passes, it would be legal to sell the organic liquid at un-regulated dairies within the state.

The Montana raw milk bill passes the house by a strong majority. The dairy regulations legislation is now working is currently being reviewed by the senate agriculture committee. When asked what he thought about House Bill 274, Senator Mitch Tropila said, “Let’s face it, many people in Montana love raw milk, but you can’t sell it to everyone uninspected.”

Tropila went on to note that the raw milk legislation was “stripped” of safety inspection requirements before being passed by his peers in the house. Due to the supposed lack of safety guidelines, some Montana senators are reportedly “skeptical” about expressing support for the bill.

Montana Board of Milk Control representative Jerry Weissman testified against legalizing raw milk in the state. Weissman contends that Montana House Bill 574 does not offer provisions related to inspecting either the unpasteurized milk or the producing cows. If the law does pass, the milk board representative wants unpasteurized dairy product to come within the “common pool of milk” to make sure it does not create health risks.

Some anti-GMO activists and raw milk supporters have argued that passing the Montana bill would enhance organic food offerings in the state and encourage producer accountability. Many raw milk fans feel that healthy enzymes are stripped away during the pasteurization process.

Raw milk contains both good and bad bacteria. Supporters of the law feel that as long as the milk is produced, stored, and handles properly, there are no health concerns.

Senator Tropila believes allowing uninspected raw milk sells in the state may expose residents to tuberculosis, salmonella, and brucellosis.

How do you feel about raw milk?

[Image Via: Shutterstock.com]