July 11, 2020
Dairy Queen Employee Curses At A Customer Who Asked Her To Wear A Mask In Viral Video

Yet another controversial "Karen" video is circulating on social media, this time involving a manager at a Dairy Queen in Medford, New York. The employee became enraged when a customer in the drive-thru line asked that she and another employee put on face masks in order to keep those around them safe, according to Yahoo! News.

Brandon Trotta, who recorded the video clip in question, sat in his car as the incident occurred. He began recording after already inquiring about why the employee preparing his order was not wearing a face mask, as is required by New York law amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That was when the manager, who was also not wearing a mask, approached the window and the confrontation began.

Trotta could be heard in the video accusing the unnamed manager of cursing at him and calling her Karen. "Karen" has become a popular term used to represent entitled white women. The name is often associated with confrontational videos just like this one.

The manager first denied being a Karen.

"You want me to be a Karen? 'Cause I'll be a Karen, okay?" she said.

Trotta then asked for his money back. A masked and gloved employee stood at the window remaining silent as he counted back the money and handed it to Trotta.

The manger told the employee to give "him his f*cking money" before yelling at Trotta to "get the f*ck outta here" and "don't come back."

She slammed the window shut and peered out of it at Trotta while flipping him two middle fingers.

"Put your mask on before you get your employees sick," Trotta could be heard saying before he drove off, assuring the manager that the video of her would be put on Facebook.

He stayed true to his word and the video quickly got a lot of attention online. Dairy Queen responded to the video, noting that the manager seen in the clip has been suspended and that the company is doing an investigation into the incident. Dairy Queen also apologized to Trotta.

"Know that Dairy Queen expects its franchisees and franchisees' employees to treat every person they serve safely with both dignity and respect and we are sorry that wasn't your experience," they wrote in a statement.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there have been many videos in recent weeks involving people refusing to wear face masks. One video featured a woman at Trader Joe's screaming at employees when asked to put on a mask, as was required by the store.