'DWTS' Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Posts Awkward Throwback To His Teen Years As He Proves 'Life Gets Better' With Age

Val Chmerkovskiy shared an epic throwback to Instagram as he poked fun at his teen years and offered hope for those currently going through an awkward phase.

In a new share to the social media platform, the 34-year-old Dancing with the Stars pro posted a vintage photo of himself that appeared to be from the early 2000s when he was a young teen. In the pic, Val was almost unrecognizable as he posed in an unbuttoned, blue-splattered collared white shirt while wearing a choker-style necklace. The future professional dancer also had overgrown hair in the pic, a sharp contrast to the shorter look he sports today.

The handsome dancer added a second pic of himself today wearing an unzipped black hoodie that showed off his chest and toned abs.

In the caption to the side-by-side, Val told those who are going through the awkward years that they should just be patient because "life gets better." He also described himself as a "baby Bob Ross" due to his wild hairstyle back in the day, and he joked that back then he was "plotting" to take any girl he saw. Val added that the "seduction" in his eyes was real, and so was his acne problem.

In the comments section, fans remarked about how great he turned out both in the looks department and with his commendable work ethic. Others agreed that life does get better with age, and other fans said they were howling at his hilarious caption.

"The glow up is real!" one fan wrote to Val.

"Well they say don't peak in high school! You certainly have passed that stage!" another added.

"The couple of buttons unbuttoned, the voluminous hair, slight smirk.... oh Valentin.... I could just imagine what that teenage brain was thinking, " a third fan chimed in.

"A young man who worked hard to perfect his talent...and share with the world," another fan wrote. "Did you know then where life would lead you?"

Val has been very active on social media and is known for his hilarious captions on Instagram. He also has no problem poking fun at himself. In fact, this isn't the first time the hunky pro dancer has shared a throwback from his teen years along with some words of wisdom.

In 2017, Val posted a shot of his 10th-grade school photo to Instagram and dissed his own fashion choice in the process. In the post, which you can see here, Val was pictured wearing a black tank with the word "Pimp" on it as he posed with his fingers in the pocket of his jeans.

In the caption to the pic, Val noted that everyone makes mistakes, but that no mistake was greater than his 15-year-old self deciding to compose such a fashion statement for his high school yearbook picture.