Tabitha Brown Reflects On Her Journey And Breaks Down Her Catchphrases

Stephanie Barnes

As the world struggles to find ease during the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing wave of civil unrest, Tabitha Brown's voice and positive energy broke through social media as a source of goodness for anyone who needed it. But what appeared to be overnight success has been years in the making for the actress and social media sensation, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight.

Brown is a 41-year-old vegan foodie and actress who went viral in 2017 after posting a video of herself snacking on a "TLTA" sandwich — tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and avocado — from Whole Foods.

Earlier this year, it seemed Brown was popping up everywhere and countless social media users were begging tech companies to replace their current smart assistants with Brown's voice. Her words of encouragement and hilarious catchphrases also struck a chord, causing many users to ask Brown to host guided meditations to keep them calm.

While chatting with ET, Brown, who currently has over 2.5 million Instagram followers and almost double that amount on TikTok, confessed that making videos wasn't really something she wanted to do. It wasn't until she fell ill and was unable to pursue her passion of acting that she found herself in a conversation with God regarding her next steps.

"I had a dream while being sick," she said. "I saw myself on a show. I had my hair in a little afro and I was very happy and free. And I thought, 'OK God reveal that to me, what is that?' And in my prayer, I heard him say, 'Start doing videos.' I didn't want to do it."

Brown said she made a deal with her God, promising that "if he had healed me, I would do whatever he asked." She later heard the voice again, this time encouraging her to share her meals.

The social media sensation recently landed her own web series on Ellen DeGeneres' network, and now has a biweekly segment on Vogue's Instagram. But the new schedule hasn't stopped her from still providing daily motivational content and tasty recipes to her fans and followers, including fellow actress Jennifer Garner, who recently recreated a peaches and biscuits recipe posted by Brown.

While sharing her messages and recipes, Brown peppers in her signature catchphrases, including "That's your business" and "Like so, like that," which she revealed are now trademarked.

"It's so funny because these catchphrases are [a] natural thing for me," she said. "So when I started doing the TikTok, I didn't have that much time, so I couldn't tell people how much. So the best thing I could think of was, 'like so, like that.' You know?"

Brown went on to say she has also incorporated lessons she learned from her father into her catchphrases. She said her father ends most of their conversations with, "Have a good day, but if you can't, don't you go out messing up nobody else's," which she has now adopted to end her own videos.