Alexa Collins Struts Her Stuff In A Bikini Trimmed With Cowrie Shells During Beach Trip

Alexa Collins opted to rock a bikini with embellishments that actually came from the sea while visiting a gorgeous beach. The Miami-based model uploaded a new video to her TikTok account on Friday, and the footage from her trip was met with a flood of adoring compliments.

Alexa was soaking up some sun on a beach located somewhere on the Caribbean island of Antigua. In the caption of her upload, she observed that the sparkling water was such a beautiful shade of blue that she didn't need to use a filter on her video. The model was filmed walking in the shallow, crystal-clear water near the shore. In addition to a cerulean ocean that stretched out as far as the eye could see, the backdrop of Alexa's video included an azure sky with just a smattering of small white clouds.

The model wore a black and beige bikini that featured a geometric print. Her top had a fixed front with a V-neck that put her ample cleavage on full display. The garment's halter ties appeared to be constructed out of thin, coarse rope. Her bikini's triangle cups were trimmed with white cowrie shells, and it looked like the garment's under-bust band had a row of dark scallop shells dangling from it.

Alexa's matching bottoms featured a hip-hugger silhouette that elongated her svelte torso. The low waist was trimmed with white cowrie shells with another row of small scallop shells underneath them. It also looked like the bottoms featured some crochet work.

The unique garment only had ties on one side. A bundle of thick ropes with tassels was knotted over Alexa's left hip. The ropes bounced against her thigh as she walked. They also flew out away from her body when she gave the camera a flirty twirl. This revealed that her bottoms had a thong back, which showcased her pert posterior. In the comments section of her video, Alexa revealed that her bikini was from Andi Bagus.

The model accessorized her bathing suit with a pair of large hoop earrings. Her blond waves were clipped back, and they were being tossed by a sea breeze.

Alexa flaunted her slender legs, taut stomach, and flawless, tan skin as she strutted toward the camera. When she exited the water, she left deep footprints in the damp sand.

Alexa added to the dreamy mood of her video by using the song "Fantasy" by Alina Baraz and Galimatias as its soundtrack. The upload was also shown in slow motion.

"Sooo perfect," wrote one fan in the comments section of Alexa's video.

"I don't think I looked at the water at all until I read the comment. Lol," read a response to the model's caption.

Alexa doesn't have to be in the water to create an entertaining TikTok video. The model's fans also enjoyed watching her dance around indoors in a teeny yellow bikini.