iPhone 5S, Low-Cost iPhone, Arriving In July

The Apple iPhone 5s and low-cost iPhone will launch in June 2013, according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White.

White sat down with Apple vendors and suppliers during a Chinese tradeshow this week. White says the low-cost iPhone will ship with a 4-inch screen that matches its iPhone 5 counterpart. The low-cost device will also feature a thicker design that is based around a curved plastic back. The current iPhone 5 features a flat metal and glass design.

While the Apple iPhone 5s is expected to match many of its predecessors’ design features, White says it will offer a larger camera and rearranged buttons on the left side of the device.

The iPhone 5 is also expected to use some type of fingerprint recognition, a feature that could be highly touted by Apple as its next big advancement. While fingerprint recognition is not a new piece of technology, it is not something that has been adapted by most smartphone manufacturers. Given the recent emphasis on mobile security, the fingerprint recognition tool could be a big boost for Apple.

Apple is known to be working on some form of fingerprint recognition, but specifics about the company’s plans are a closely guarded secret.

While White has confirmed rumors of the iPhone 5s and specifics about the low-cost iPhone, manufacturers at the trade show refused to openly discuss the new iPhone devices.

A recent report suggests that iPhone production numbers fell by 19 percent at Foxconn year-over-year, a potential sign that interest in Apple based smartphones is waning.

In the meantime, T-Mobile today began selling unlocked iPhone 5 devices at a starting price of $99. Customers formed small lines outside T-Mobile stores to get their hands on the long awaited T-Mobile smartphone.

Do you think the Apple iPhone 5s and low-cost iPhone smartphones will help Apple regain some of its lost luster?