Bomb Found On Train In Taiwan, 600 Passengers Evacuated

A bomb was recently found on a train in Taiwan.

Authorities stated that a passenger discovered suitcases filled with the explosives on a Taiwanese train headed for Taipei on Friday. Around 600 passengers were forced to evacuate in Hsinchu City as a result.

A passenger on the the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. train found the bomb inside the bathroom. Smoke was said to be rising from the cases. Several witnesses who were seated near the bathroom said they could smell gas.

Once the train was evacuated, investigators quickly assessed the situation. The suitcases containing the bomb were filled with gas canisters and a detonator. Fortunately for travelers, the bomb did not go off.

The Railway Police Bureau have put together a special team to investigate the bomb found on the train in Taiwan. Although officials are currently looking into the matter, they have yet to identify a suspect as of this writing.

“We have started necessary investigative work such as screening passenger lists and surveillance camera footage for possible suspects. We don’t have further leads at this moment,” a source within the police department explained to AFP.

Officials said the passengers were soon loaded onto other trains so they could continue to their destinations.

“The high speed train I rode today stopped in Taoyuan for a long time and I thought it was a mechanical failure but later heard that there were gasoline bombs on the train,” one passenger explained.

Authorities believe the bomb found on the train in Taiwan could be linked to an incident at a lawmaker’s office. The suitcase found inside the building also contained an explosive device made with gasoline. Officials are unsure if the two incidents are connected.

The investigation into who placed the bomb on the train headed for Tapei is currently ongoing. Police have not revealed who may have been responsible for the attempted attack.

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