Brittne Jackson Shows Off Amazing Physique In Yellow Thong During 'Bomb Workout'

Fitness trainer and Instagram celebrity Brittne Jackson, better known by Brittne Babe, which is the name of her company, uploaded a series of short workout videos on Friday afternoon, simultaneously thrilling and motivating her 1.7 million followers; the post received almost 10,000 likes in the first hour it was online.

Brittne was captured performing a circuit from her 21-Day Challenge. She was exercising on the beach in Santa Monica, as indicated by her geotag.

She wore a vibrant yellow two-piece outfit that popped against her smooth dark skin. The top was sleeveless and cropped just below the rounded curve of her bust.

The bottom was high-waisted and cut high over her shapely hips, leaving most of her incredible derriere exposed. She credited Gymshark for her attire.

The sand below her reflected sunshine across her entire body, highlighting the definition of her toned figure.

Brittne's gorgeous braids were parted to one side and cascaded down to her waist. Her long nails were painted white and perfectly manicured.

Each individual clip demonstrating the full-body workout was about 10 seconds long, and Brittne performed the routine with ease and grace.

In the first, Brittne began in a full squat, with her elbows bent and her palms clasped together in front of her body. She raised up on both tip toes, effortlessly balanced in the sand, before leaping into the air with legs straight and arms extended behind her.

She demonstrated four of the squats while the camera panned slowly around her to show the movements from all angles.

In the second video, Brittne started in the exact same position as in the first, but she stayed crouching, up one her toes, and slowly brought her thighs together, then released them back out for another set of four.

The third video showed her doing a modified version of jumping jacks.

In the last, she alternated between a series of squats and moving rapidly in and out of plank position.

Brittne's Instagram fans were quick to respond to her post, in which she asked viewers to try the routine and let her know how it went. The 25-year old entrepreneur personally responded to almost all of the comments in the thread.

"Will do! Looks fun! You're lookin amazin!" responded one follower. Brittne thanked them for the compliment.

"I'm dying because I tried the squat tip toes this morning, and fell the heck out," lamented a third fan, following the comment with three fire emoji to symbolize the burn of doing squats.

"I LOVE it!" responded Brittne, adding a crying laughing emoji.