Jeffree Star Fans React After Morphe Makes Shocking Decision To Cut All Ties With Him

Jeffree Star fans are speaking out after it was announced that the YouTube star and beauty guru will no longer be affiliated with the cosmetics company Morphe.

The company made the surprising announcement on Twitter, making the decision amid recent reports about Star's alleged past behavior.

"Today we've made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products," the message read. "We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks."

The company added that updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand will be shared in the future. The announcement is a major blow to Star, whose online cosmetics brand was a cornerstone in Morphe's retail stores.

In comments to Morphe's Twitter post, Star's fans rallied around him with some saying they only shopped at Morphe for Jeffree Star products.

"Today we make the decision not to shop at Morphe anymore," one fan wrote. "I don't see these huge grand openings happening anymore anytime soon. You've ruined yourself."

"It was in the past!!!!" another added. "Jeffree apologized like 50 times already!!! Cancel culture is a joke."

"Today I learned there is no point to grow as a person and change for the better because 10 years ago is who we all are, right?" another added.

But others thanked Morphe for holding Star accountable for his past and for "doing the right thing" by distancing from him.

The makeup guru has not yet responded to Morphe's announcement about the end of their iconic partnership.

Makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star
Getty Images | Jesse Grant

Most fans know that Star frequently made appearances at Morphe-hosted launches that attracted thousands of people at malls around the country. The popular beauty guru also had his own line of Morphe brushes and palettes and regularly plugged the brand's products on his YouTube channel.

The stunning announcement from Morphe comes a few weeks after Star's close friend and collaborator Shane Dawson faced backlash for his past alleged inappropriate acts, racist scandals, and offensive videos, one in which involved a poster of Willow Smith when she was 11-years-old, per Vulture.

Star also faced recent criticism when disturbing photos of him resurfaced online. The millionaire makeup artist issued a lengthy statement after old images of him self-harming and standing next to a confederate flag appeared online. He also apologized for his past use of offensive terms.

Last week, Star's former friend, fellow beauty blogger Tati Westbrook, slammed him in a YouTube video in which she accused him and Dawson of manipulating her into starting a nasty feud with beauty vlogger James Charles. Westbrook said Star and Dawson fed her "poisonous lies" about the young YouTube personality.