Hoda Kotb Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Morning Routine And Hair Prep Secret: 'A Pound Of Gel And A Hammer'

Hoda Kotb gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the morning routine at Today, including her secret for perfect on-camera hair.

The Today host posted a series of videos on Instagram showing off the social distancing measures that have been instituted on the set of the morning show. In the first video, Hoda gave fans a tour of the studio, including all the ways they are trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Donning a medical mask, Hoda showed fans how the doors of dressing rooms and kitchen were opened so those on the crew wouldn't have to touch the door handles, and all the hand sanitizer stations that have been placed throughout the hallways.In the second video, Hoda showed how she did hair prep in the morning, showing a hefty brush/blow dryer combo that she joked was her morning arm workout. After making some progress on adding volume, Hoda shared that she normally has another step.

"OK, getting there. Normally I say it takes a pound of gel and a hammer," she joked.

The videos were a hit with Hoda's fans, with many grateful to see the inside glimpse of life on the set of the show during a worldwide pandemic. Others complimented the host on her naturally good looks.

"You are so beautiful before and after all of the magic. You are the magic!" one fan shared.

Others noted that the hefty hair dryer that Hoda used had already been recommended by her on-screen co-star, Jenna Bush Hager.

"I bought this after Jenna raves about it. It's a life changer!" one person commented.

Hoda appeared to be putting on a happy face despite what has been a very difficult time. While her job has gone on -- albeit it with plenty of changes behind the scenes to emphasize safety -- the host's personal life has been impacted. As The Inquisitr reported, Hoda and her fiance, Joel Schiffman, have discussed pushing back the date of their wedding for fear that it would need to be canceled. The report noted that the couple was prepared to send save-the-date cards to friends and family, but decided to hold back due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis.

Hoda said that having to postpone their nuptials would be "small potatoes" compared to the very serious issues that others have been forced to deal with, adding that she is grateful for the good health of her family and friends.