January Jones Shows Some Leg On Her Lawn & Says She Feels ‘Uncertain’ In Instagram Update

John LamparskiGetty Images

Mad Men star January Jones confessed that the smile on her face belied the way she was feeling inside when her latest Instagram photo was snapped. She shared the shot with her 1 million followers on Friday afternoon. The 42-year-old actress was pictured getting some fresh air and rocking a stylish summer ensemble that highlighted her toned legs.

January wore a burgundy bathing suit underneath a billowy peasant blouse with short flutter sleeves. Her top featured a rustic floral print and crochet lace trim around the neck and sleeves. The bust was smocked and embellished with rows of white lace or intricate embroidery.

January’s ensemble kept the top half of her body covered up, but her shapely legs were on full display. Her limbs had a subtle golden glow, and they gleamed where the sun hit them. January protected her face from the bright natural light by rocking a straw sunhat with a large brim. She also sported a pair of over-sized sunglasses.

January sat on a towel on her lush green lawn. Her photo provided a glimpse of her gorgeous home and her massive yard’s beautiful landscaping. Her fluffy black dog could also be seen lying down on a pathway of stepping stones in the background.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, January looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself on the Fourth of July in a cheeky video that showed her relaxing on her lawn in a pair of Daisy Dukes and a daring bathing suit. However, January admitted that she wasn’t feeling quite as chipper during her most recent solo hangout session outside her home. In the caption of her post, she revealed that she’s started “feeling down again.” She also wrote that she’s been doing her best to keep herself and her 8-year-old son Xander occupied, but she’s struggling to maintain a positive outlook.

January didn’t mention the coronavirus by name, but the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on the world seemed to be the cause of her distress.

In the comments section of her post, January’s Instagram followers tried their best to lift her spirits.

“There are waves, some of them heavy. I think acknowledging them as you did, helps a little. And of course wine, or coors light,” wrote one fan.

“Thanks for the from-the-heart honest post! Talk to friends and family often and openly about how u are feeling. Best to you!!” another comment read.

“I don’t think anyone could be prepared for this,” wrote a third user. “And while we are all trying out best, I can tell you that your smile on your post brings a lot of joy to all of us. You aren’t alone in this.”