Laurence Bédard Flaunts Tattoos And Insane Cleavage In Sweet Summer Mini Dress

Selfie of Laurence Bédard
Laurence Bédard / Instagram

Instagram model Laurence Bédard thrilled her 2.8 million followers with her most recent post on Friday afternoon. The French-Canadian tattooed beauty posted a snap that garnered over 20,000 likes in less than an hour after it was online.

Laurence wore a black dress printed with delicate vines and tiny purple flowers. It had thin spaghetti straps and a wraparound bodice that crisscrossed over her voluptuous breasts. The center of the neckline dipped well below her bust, perfectly revealing her impressive cleavage.

The garment hugged her tightly around her slender waist and then transitioned into a flowing skirt that appeared to be knee-length. It covered her right leg, but Laurence pulled the hemline all the way up her left thigh, seductively revealing one of her many tattoos.

Laurence tagged Fashion Nova as the retailer for her flowery dress and noted in the caption that she was feeling the summer mood.

The stunning model was posed sitting on the edge of a bed with crisp white sheets. She appeared relaxed and had both arms extended at her sides. One hand rested on her right knee, the other on the edge of the pillow beside her.

Laurence gazed up at the camera, and her beautiful aqua eyes reflected an ethereal light. She wore dark liner and mascara to accentuate their shape. Her full lips were painted a rosy pink and curved into a serene smile.

Her signature chin-length bob was parted in the middle and styled straight.

Soon after the image was posted, Instagram fans were quick to flood the comments section with adoring words and emoji. Hundreds of viewers called Laurence various combinations of “stunning,” “sexy,” “beautiful,” and “gorgeous.” Many added heart and flame emoji to emphasize their feelings.

“You are beautiful all year round. xxx,” praised one fan, referring to her accompanying caption.

“I’ll say it again, you in flowered dresses is perfection!” exclaimed a second person.

“You have many exotic qualities for sure, but simply put…I can’t get over how pretty a woman you are,” complimented a third follower.

“If perfection was a person,” mused a fourth person, following the comment up with heart, rose, flame, and 100 percent emoji.

Laurence embraced her sweeter side in this post, but she definitely has no problem displaying an edgier vibe. As reported by The Inquisitr just a few days ago, she flaunted her killer body — and even more of her awesome tattoos — in tiny denim cutoffs and a lace-up black tank top.