Stolen Laptop Turns Up In Iran

A London man’s stolen laptop recently turned up in Iran.

Dom del Torto said that he returned home to discover that someone had broken into his residence last February. The animator explained that the culprit made off his his iPad and his MacBook Pro.

However, del Torto said he installed a program called Hidden App that would report back the location of the laptop should it get stolen. The application would also send back any pictures the thief took using the computer built-in camera.

Although nothing showed up shortly after the laptop was stolen, he soon discovered that the computer was now located in Iran. Two photos were transmitted back to del Torto on March 23 — his birthday.

The animator said that his stolen laptop is now in Tehran. Dom said the woman who is now in possession of the computer uses the device for sightseeing and taking photographs of her family. One photo he received prompted del Torto to describe her as a Sith Lord.

Dom said there’s always the possibility that the woman who is now in possession of the stolen laptop could have purchased the computer from someone else. Although he currently knows where the device is located, he said that getting it back is a little problematic.

Instead of actively pursuing the people who currently have the computer, he is posting the images online. When he contacted local police about the situation, they told him all they could do was report the incident to Interpol.

“The software gives you a latitude and longitude and it’s supposed to be accurate up to two metres. I phoned them when it got the email and told them it was in Iran and they thought it was funny. I thought it’d be more local than that,” del Torto said.

Until the individuals who have the computer discover Hidden App, the animator said he will continue to post any pictures they take on the Tumblr page Dom’s Laptop is in Iran.

What do you think about the stolen laptop that turned up in Iran? Do you think the man will have any luck recovering the computer?