Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Incredible Curves In White Mini Dress With Unzipped Top

Lindsey got down on the ground for an outdoor photo shoot.

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
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Lindsey got down on the ground for an outdoor photo shoot.

Lindsey Pelas brought the sizzle to her Instagram page on Friday with a set of smoking-hot modeling shots. She flaunted her hourglass figure in a sleeveless mini dress that clung to her curves. The sexy garment featured a detail that allowed her to control the amount of skin that she was putting on display.

Much to her fans’ delight, Lindsey made sure that she was exposing as much of her chest as possible. Her dress had a high neckline, but it also featured a front zipper. She wore it completely unzipped, tantalizing her fans with an eyeful of her colossal cleavage. Even though the zipper extended down about a third of the length of the dress, it still didn’t reach the bottom of her ample bust. The garment also had a high hemline that left most of her shapely thighs uncovered.

Lindsey wore her blond hair styled with a slight wave, and she appeared to rock the glamorous makeup look that she usually favors.

Lindsey’s photo shoot took place outdoors, where she posed on what appeared to be a patio or walkway. She sat on stone tiles in front of a building with white stucco walls and a bay window with green trim. The dwelling also featured a massive round clock face on one wall. It was surrounded by a flower bed with red and pink roses. Ornate stone planters contained other varieties of flowers.

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Lindsey sat on her right hip and propped herself up with her right hand. Her legs were curled back so that her feet were hidden from view. In her first photo, she struck a provocative pose by shooting the camera a sultry look as her left hand grazed her hip. She looked blissful in her second snap, which showed her with her eyes closed and her face upraised toward the sky. For her final shot, she placed her left hand behind her head.

In a mere hour, Lindsey’s post was liked over 27,000 times. The model also received over 400 messages in the comments section.

“Omg you are beauty personified,” gushed one fan.

“You are the prettiest thing in this photo,” another remark read.

“I thought the art is only a portrait on the wall, but when I see you I realize your body also is a work of art,” wrote a third devotee.

Lindsey recently treated her appreciative Instagram followers to a video that showed her demonstrating art in motion. The model amazed her fans by crawling up long silks hanging from the ceiling and showing off her aerial yoga skills.