‘General Hospital’ Two-Week Preview: Franco & Liz’s Marriage Hits Bumps While Both Nelle & Cyrus Cause Chaos

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst pose for a promo shot
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

The latest teasers for General Hospital give fans a solid sense of what they can expect as July continues. Unfortunately, ABC still has to air “encore” episodes due to the ongoing production hiatus. However, the weeks of July 13 and July 20 will be shifting gears in a sense.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the network is going to take viewers through what was happening in Port Charles right before the new episodes ran out. From late May through the latest encore shows that they have aired, ABC had created a variety of theme weeks to focus on different families or romances.

Now, they are seemingly aiming to remind everybody of the chaos that had ensued just before all of the pre-taped content ran out.

As the week of July 13 begins, viewers will be revisiting the show that first aired on May 6. This was when Nelle Benson was asking Nina Reeves for support in her upcoming custody hearing against Michael Corinthos.

In addition, Robert Scorpio was freshly mourning Holly Sutton’s supposed death, and Peter August was doing some scrambling. Brook Lynn Quartermaine landed in trouble yet again, and these episodes were when she was taken to the PCPD and reached out to Dustin Phillips for help.

Amanda Sutton films as Brook Lynn on 'General Hospital'
  Valerie Durant / ABC

These upcoming weeks of episodes will run in sequence, without skipping any of the shows that originally aired throughout May. That means that General Hospital fans will see Sonny Corinthos struggling to accept the reality of his father Mike Corbin’s decline with his Alzheimer’s, as well as the chaos that ensued after Sasha Gilmore and Harrison Chase faked their affair.

Soap Central notes that there is plenty of drama related to Cyrus Renault coming up with these reruns as well. This means that Jordan Ashford will be popping up a number of times as she scrambles to maintain control of the chaos she’s been drawn into thanks to Cyrus’ presence in town.

This set of episodes involved a lot of emotional scenes between Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber as well. Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine have both been determined to tear the other down, and they are each angling to use Franco and Elizabeth to help make it happen.

At this point, the General Hospital cast and crew have not yet returned to the set. Not long ago, it was revealed that there was a goal to begin filming again in mid-July. However, no further details have emerged yet. Once the cast is able to film again, it will likely take several weeks before new episodes can begin to air again on ABC.

Given that timeline, it seems likely that ABC will still need to air encore episodes beyond these upcoming two weeks. The network has not revealed its plan yet in that regard, but additional information should emerge fairly soon.