July 10, 2020
Avital Cohen Wows In An Itty-Bitty Tropical Bikini

Avital Cohen is back in a bikini on Instagram, and her 2 million-plus fans could not be more thrilled with the sight. The post was added to the model's feed a few moments ago, and it's earned her rave reviews from fans.

The sizzling shot captured Cohen posed outside on a balcony. She did not use a geotag that indicated her exact location, but the scenery would suggest that she was somewhere on the coast. The model was perched on a metal chair that boasted a dark green hue. Cohen positioned herself in front of a set of glass doors, and the reflection showed a peek of an ocean.

Cohen bent one knee back and sat on her leg while she planted her opposite leg on the ground. She placed her left arm on the armrest of the chair and tucked the other near her ear. Cohen tilted her chin down and focused her attention on the ground as she showed off her bronzed body in an itty-bitty tropical bikini.

The garment had a set of tiny cups that flaunted Cohen's ample bust. She left her collar bare, and a set of thick straps were worn on her bronzed shoulders. The model's suit boasted a lilac hue with leafy green plants that added another pop of color to the ensemble. The model also sported a sheer white cardigan over the outfit.

Cohen's bottoms were a perfect match to her top, and they had thick string sides that were tied on her hips and helped draw attention to her chiseled abs and tiny midsection. Cohen also wore a colorful ankle bracelet around her golden brown legs.

Cohen took a portion of her hair and pulled it back out of her face, using a red bow to tie it back. She wore the rest of her brunette tresses down and straight, which tumbled over her shoulder and back. Cohen didn't skip out on glam and added a full application. Her look appeared to include a light red blush on her cheeks and also rocked defined brows. The model also wore light pink gloss and seemed to wear a few thick coats of mascara.

Within a few minutes, the photo has garnered over 5,000 likes and 249 comments. Some Instagrammers raved over her figure, while many others let her know that they are big fans.

"Omg my angel Avital you are such incredibly wonderful blessing! To gorgeous for words and you're body is flawless! All of you are to amazing! Wish you the greatest weekend," one follower gushed.

"Your body is amazing and I love you," a second fan added.

"Omg you're perfect," another complimented.