Lizzo Twerks & Dances Days After She Allegedly Got Kicked Out Of A Rental Home

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Rapper Lizzo wasn’t letting vacation drama slow her down. The singer posted several TikTok videos on Thursday, showcasing her dance moves, both alone and with a pal. The posts came days after Lizzo alleged that a landlord at the Palm Desert rental she was staying at kicked her group out three days early. The videos can be viewed here and here.

Lizzo wore a black printed bikini top with matching shorts as she danced along with a friend in Palm Desert, California. The superstar acted as a backup dancer for her friend as she got down on all fours to shake her derriere and twist her head.

The pair danced to a song by California rapper Pretty Pink Cocaine. The song, “PJ PPCOCAINE,” is currently trending on the social network. Lizzo, wearing her braided hair in pigtails, started dancing after her friend lip synced the lyrics, “shake some a**.”

Lizzo happily took her cues from the friend she referred to only as Lexo. The two were filmed on a large lawn with power lines in the background. Lexo was dressed in pink and black athleisure wear, and accessorized with aviator-style sunglasses and earrings as she took the lead in the video. The rapper commented on the dynamic as she referenced the lyrics in the caption.

“When lexo says shake some a**… you shake some a**,” she said.

In a later video, Lizzo was alone in the pool dancing to “Then Leave” by Beat King. She had her long locks up in a ponytail secured with a scrunchie on the top of her head. She wrote that she was “obsessed” with the song.

The three-time Grammy winner wore a white mesh bathing suit with black trim and the outline of an animal on it as she synchronized her moves and words to the music. The video ended as Lizzo got up close to the camera. Fans loved both videos as they garnered over 350,000 likes each.

Lizzo has been posting plenty of videos from her vacation with six of her girlfriends. These latest videos come as the “Good As Hell” rapper insisted that her group was booted from the original home they were renting earlier this week.

Lizzo posted on Instagram a detailed account of what happened, although she did not name names. The post can be viewed here. The rapper wasn’t going to let the situation “stop this black girls’ shine.” She further insisted the new house was “better.” From the recent videos, Lizzo seemed to make good on her words.

Featured image credit: Charley GallayGetty Images for Pandora