Britney Spears Fans Convinced She's In Danger After Strange Instagram Post

Lucille Barilla

Fans of Britney Spears are convinced she is in danger after a strange Instagram post where the pop star spoke about baking muffins. She shared an image that was similar to one posted hours earlier where she stood in front of a white wall. In this post, she smiled for the camera. The singer and dancer shared casual statements about how she spent her morning with her 24.9 million social media followers, leaving many seemingly alarmed at the information she shared.

In the caption of the share, Britney revealed that she made cherry muffins with brown sugar. She also shared her technique for getting an ultra-crisp top. Britney also revealed that she enjoyed eating her sweet treats before ending her post by blessing her followers.

"Britney... if you're in danger, take photos outside with your dogs. WE LOVE YOU," said one follower, telling her a way to let her followers know if she needs assistance.

"Cherry = red someone said post red if your not safe," deduced a second fan, who believed that Britney's post about baking could mean something other than just a favorite activity.

"She's not supposed to be talking at all to the public, so this is her Fighting BACK!!!!" exclaimed a third follower.

"It's a code, from The Handmaid's Tale about a woman being controlled by her captors. MUFFINS MEAN YES SCONES MEAN NO!!" said a fourth fan, who came up with their own conclusion to Britney's comments in the caption of her post.

Fans continue to maintain their concern for the superstar singer. A movement to "Free Britney" from her conservatorship was examined by The Los Angeles Times in September 2019. The paper spent three months looking into allegations that Britney was being manipulated by those in charge of her personal affairs. They claimed that per their investigation, they could find no evidence that Britney was being harmed. Britney's father, Jamie, has headed her court-approved conservatorship since 2008. It gives him control over her finances and many of her personal decisions.

In the share in question, Britney wore an off-the-shoulder floral top with a tie at the front. The white top featured a tiny print of purple flowers. She wore a white shell necklace on her neck which fell at her collarbone. Britney smiled for the photo, which was taken at an odd angle that looked down on the entertainer and made her face appear elongated. She smiled in the photo.