Courtney Stodden Calls Brian Austin Green A 'Womanizer' As She Breaks Her Silence About Their Relationship

Kristen Markel

Courtney Stodden had some words for her former flame, Brian Austin Green. The model called the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor a "womanizer" in a statement to Fox News on Thursday. This report came on the heels of some back and forth banter through the between the pair. Last week, Stodden posted a bizarre video of the two, after which Green called the model "super nice but disappointing."

In the statement, Stodden insinuated that she had a physical relationship with the actor. She informed the outlet that the two were just having fun for a bit. However, Stodden claimed that their involvement took a wrong turn after the actor misbehaved.

"I had blocked him after several other women who he was playing came forward to me," Stodden alleged.

The actress believed that the claims were credible, too.

"I stand with them and I believe them," Stodden insisted.
"Brian wanted me to remain his little secret."

"He looks a bit unhinged," she claimed.

The digs went even more in-depth, and Stodden seemed to psychoanalyze Green.

"The truth is that Brian is disappointed in himself."

That was when the actor made negative remarks about Stodden. Green claimed that the video Stodden posted was filmed over a month ago and was a greeting for one of the actress' friends. Green believed that Stodden posted it just to "create problems" for him and Louise.

It seemed as though this situation might have a bright side for the model as it has provided the 25-year-old with some more life experiences. Stodden told Fox News that she was writing a memoir as well as releasing some new music soon. Stodden's latest song will mirror her love life and precisely "the repercussions many of us women face when being used."