Former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Joins Apple Team

Kevin Lynch has joined Apple as the Vice President of Technology. The former Adobe CTO is joining a team that is made up mostly of iPod veterans who have worked at the tech giant for years.

Also rumored to be joining the team is iPad veteran Robert Curtis, the man behind the iPod’s firmware. Another team member is Steven Bollinger, an Apple worker who has been credited with various media player and touchscreen patents for Apple, Inc.

Lynch will also lead a team made up of iPad interface and materials specialists.

While Apple has not revealed why the team is being put together, it is speculated that they may be preparing to work on the much talked about Apple smartwatch project.

It has been rumored that more than 100 people are assigned with creating the new iWatch. Apple, in the meantime, has not revealed its actual plans for the new platform.

When the sixth-generation iPod nano debuted, its integrated clock functions proved popular among users looking for a watch type device with Apple’s software. Popular watch accessories, specifically wristwatch bands, soon debuted for the iPod nano.

Despite the nano’s popularity among watch enthusiasts, the company dropped its integrated watch functionality when releasing the iPod nano seventh-generation.

Apple dropping clock functionality from its seventh-generation iPod nano has only further stoked rumor fires regarding the Apple iWatch.

The smartwatch market is quickly heating up as Samsung, Pebble, and other Apple competitors continue to develop new ways to wear technology.

Wearable technology is still a relatively new market, but the advance of Google Glass has spurn a lot of new interest in technology that doesn’t follow a traditional smartphone or tablet path.

Are you ready to pick up the Apple iWatch when it debuts, or do you think wearable technology is going to far?