'The Bold Type': Kat And Jane Explore New Relationships While Sutton's Marriage Crumbles

Stephanie Barnes

Thursday night's episode of television series The Bold Type saw the ladies — Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens; Kat Edison, played by Aisha Dee; and Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy — exploring different types of relationships, but fans aren't happy about it, according to a recap from MEA WorldWide.

The episode kicked off with Sutton sitting in a bar having a conversation with the bartender. As she poured Sutton's drink, the woman behind the bar began to explain the different types of love, including forbidden love, first love, and unconditional love.

During the episode, viewers watched as Jane and Scott Coleman, played by Mat Vairo, bonded over their shared love of writing. Later, Scott confessed that he had found himself attracted to Jane but realized it was a difficult situation to be in since she is technically his boss. Before Jane is able to address Scott's confession and consider the possibility of having a new first love, she's pulled away by a call from Sutton.

The budding romance between Scott and Jane isn't sitting well with viewers, and many took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the show's direction.

"I really want to know who thought it would be a good idea for Jane to be lusting after her direct report," one fan tweeted.

"Ugh, I hate this Jane and her employee thing so much. It is not in her character to even think about jeopardizing her big break for some dude," another posted.

This isn't the only romance fans are upset about. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Season 4 of the series has set up Kat to step into a relationship with Alex Paxton-Beesley's character — Eva — an "NRA card-carrying Republican." During this week's episode, the two women confronted their attraction for each other and ended up making out in Eva's living room. As Kat explored her forbidden love, she is interrupted by a phone call from Sutton.

Sutton informed her two best friends that her husband, Richard Hunter, played by Sam Page, ended their marriage and moved out of their apartment.

Sutton and Richard's love was dubbed the "unconditional love" of the bunch and for a moment, it seemed like the two would be able to overcome their issues. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. In an earlier episode, Sutton revealed to her husband that she did not want to have children. Richard became angry and said he felt betrayed because that was something she should have told him during the beginning stages of their relationship, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The couple spent most of the episode trying to find a compromise before eventually taking a break to gather themselves. When they returned home, they apologized to each other and had sex before Richard was seen walking through the door with a packed suitcase.

As the episode ended, Kat and Jane rushed to be by Sutton's side.