‘The Challenge’ Star Johnny Bananas Reveals What Dee Nguyen Said To Jenny West Before Hall Brawl

Johnny Bananas competes on The Challenge

The infamous Hall Brawl elimination finally worked its way into The Challenge: Total Madness on Episode 15. The double-elimination pitted friends-turned-enemies Jenny West against Dee Nguyen, with Rogan O’Conner facing off against Nelson Thomas. Jenny absolutely dominated Dee in the elimination, even pushing her co-star out of the hallway onto her side before ringing her bell for the second time. What appeared from the outside to be a decent fight ended up being an embarrassment for the Australian.

Since MTV has heavily edited Dee out of Total Madness episodes since she was recently fired, fellow cast member Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio is revealing what went down behind the scenes. The Challenge champion took to Instagram live to discuss the episode, and a partial recording of the video was saved to fan account The Challenge Overdose.

According to Johnny, Dee said “I’m gonna hurt you” to Jenny before she was even voted down into Purgatory. She also allegedly made comments along the lines of “I’m not gonna treat you like a friend, I’m gonna go in there… I’m gonna punish you.”

Johnny’s Instagram Live speech suggested that after Jenny was made the house vote, that there was scheming to throw Dee in against her, something she didn’t take lightly.

Jenny West (L) and Dee Nguyen (R)

It was also revealed in the video that the group expected the elimination was going to be Hall Brawl before they ever got to Purgatory. While some people suggested production told the group the notorious elimination was coming up, others noted it was something the cast probably just figured. Season 35 hadn’t yet seen a Hall Brawl, which has been the most anticipated elimination in the shows recent seasons. Since the group knew there was just one more elimination coming before the final, it had to have been Hall Brawl.

This definitely determined who would be going in against Jenny, and for one of the first times in the game, there was planning behind closed doors. The Red Skull twist has been a let down to some fans, who feel the cast had been too nice to one another by allowing people to go in if they wanted to. There was rarely a true house vote during the loser nomination ceremony which cut down on a lot of the drama.

Johnny noted he practiced with Jenny before the elimination, feeling she needed some tips after losing the same event to Tori Deal in War of the Worlds 2. Jenny didn’t need much practice apparently, as Johnny remembered being knocked down by his alliance member the first shot she took.